AMR Personal Training client base...

We serve a variety of clients from all walks of life. From those just starting out in exercise  all the way to advanced with specific goals. No matter what the training objective, our clientele are committed to our drive & dedication to their health success; a significant number have been with AMR Personal Training for over 10 years with a few since its inception in 1998!...

Adam has been our personal trainer for the past 3 years. Adam has managed to develop individually tailored workouts based on each of our own abilities and specific needs. He is excellent at evaluating individuals' strengths making it motivating and exciting, yet strenuous at the same time. Each one of us has grown to be very fond of our routine and look forward to the sessions. He has been very accommodating and flexible with our extremely busy schedules and I would recommend him with no hesitation at all.

Desiree Bollier and Thierry Bollier, Vice President, Polo Retail and Outlet Stores Europe, Polo Ralph Lauren; Head of Arbitrage Research (London), Long Term Capital Management (LTCM)

I have been using AMR Personal Training for three years and cannot praise it highly enough. In particular, I have seen my fitness level improve by over 100%. AMR Personal Training adapts its own plan to suit your needs and is totally flexible in its approach. If you want to get fit, AMR Personal Training receives my total recommendation with no reservation. I have tried belonging to a gym but have found it difficult to push myself beyond a certain level. If you truly want to improve your fitness then a personal trainer is the only option. AMR Personal Training has taken me to new levels; its personalised schedule is quite superb.

Steve Lawley, Director, Global Accounts Worldcom

I first heard of AMR Personal Training via a leaflet-drop in my letterbox.

Like many busy people in London, I have always found it very difficult to get the balance you need in life with exercise, work and play. For years I have tried doing long days at work, followed by the gym - it never worked, and I also found it very difficult disciplining myself to get up at 6am. I have been training with Adam for about 6 months now, training two or three mornings a week before work. It is the perfect way to start the day. Now I can be assured that I stay fit, and reach the goals I want to achieve.

Pippa, Financial PR Account Executive, Impact Consultancy

A corporate client recommended me to Adam Riccio of AMR Personal Training. I had been concentrating on the physically sedentary pursuit of professional success to the exclusion of all else, including my weight and my health! I train with Adam 2/3 times a week. He has many qualities suited to a personal trainer (without unwanted arrogance!) He is extremely personable; tailors his training to the needs and abilities of his clients; plainly enjoys his work and is very flexible and reliable. In addition to personal training, he has given me invaluable advice and encouragement in relation to various lifestyle and dietary shortcomings! Adam is a very worthwhile investment for any stressed, overworked professional.

Shirley Bothroyd, Barrister