I've been fortunate enough to train with Adam for almost 2 years now. I have never worked with someone as professional and dedicated as him, all professions included. Always arriving exactly on time and prepared for the session, he is an example on that front.
He is also very knowledgeable and able to adapt the training to any situation: at the gym, in the park, at home, or when I am away and without any equipment. He is also able to accommodate my health condition and can design a resistance and weightlifting session when I am not fit enough for a HIIT session. He is always very attentive to any pain or discomfort in my body and the stretching he provides at the end of the session helps me a lot. His experience and knowledge allowed us to navigate and train through the lockdowns very smoothly with online video sessions that were for me as efficient as when he was coming to visit me at my gym or at home! He is a very interesting and cultivated person, and chatting with him between each set makes the whole session even more pleasant. I cannot recommend him enough for any person that is looking for a long-term professional PT expert in HIIT training for one-on-one and online sessions.

Sofien Ben Ouagharam, Portfolio Manager, Point 72 Asset Management,