AMR Personal Training client base...

We serve a variety of clients from all walks of life. From those just starting out in exercise  all the way to advanced with specific goals. No matter what the training objective, our clientele are committed to our drive & dedication to their health success; a significant number have been with AMR Personal Training for over 10 years with a few since its inception in 1998!...

When a colleague offered me the first session with Adam I did not see how I could fit two sessions a week in my schedule. At first, I felt really exhausted after the one hour session, but, as Adam had guessed, very quickly got much fitter and felt relaxed and good after it.

Three years later, I am looking forward to every session and of course work out harder and feel better and stronger on ski slopes and in everyday life. And my backache is gone. The best thing about it is that you just do it; rain or shine the lesson is on (bold the on).

The format changed over time; we went from the then available corporate gym to a combination of the park in front of my house and some weight lifting and bike at home, with some sprinting sessions in between. Adam varies the exercises, adapts to one's level and skills and, crucially, comes to our home and is very flexible. For the past year, Jamile joined us in our twice-weakly sessions and Adam orchestrates the sessions with different exercises and intensities for the two of us.

Another good thing about training with Adam is the invaluable peachy feeling you get from it when overstressed by your work or other personal problems. Adam's training relieves all our stress and anxiety after a day at work. If you are looking for a fitness program that adapts to your schedule, fitness and taste in a relaxed atmosphere, give Adam a ring.

Jamile Hazan & Gerard Gennotte, Senior Scientist, King's College, London & Partner, JWM Partners Ltd

I started using Adam after a recommendation from a friend, to halt the decline in fitness and prepare for a skiing holiday. I particularly enjoyed the personal attention; the fun and variety of different training techniques; and never quite knowing where the next session would be held, if it would be indoors or outdoors, or which natural obstacle - whether bench, steps, or building - would be incorporated into the exercise program.

However, in late 1999 I suffered two slipped discs and had to undergo surgery to repair them. After coming out of hospital I was laid up for over four months. From that time, I have used Adam to develop a recuperation program to get me back to full fitness, which he gradually built-up in intensity over time, to a point where, 15 months after the operation, I now feel fitter than before my injury, despite at no point whatsoever feeling I was jeopardising my health or recovery. I have benefited significantly from Adam's knowledge and experience [in physiology and sports-injuries], and from a personally tailored rehabilitation program that has greatly improved my overall fitness, strength and flexibility.

I would recommend Adam to anyone seeking to improve his or her quality of life. I have total trust in his abilities and character, and continue to look forward to training with him. He will always push you just that little bit further than you think you can go.

Nigel Manson, Strategic Consultant