I started using Adam after a recommendation from a friend, to halt the decline in fitness and prepare for a skiing holiday. I particularly enjoyed the personal attention; the fun and variety of different training techniques; and never quite knowing where the next session would be held, if it would be indoors or outdoors, or which natural obstacle - whether bench, steps, or building - would be incorporated into the exercise program.

However, in late 1999 I suffered two slipped discs and had to undergo surgery to repair them. After coming out of hospital I was laid up for over four months. From that time, I have used Adam to develop a recuperation program to get me back to full fitness, which he gradually built-up in intensity over time, to a point where, 15 months after the operation, I now feel fitter than before my injury, despite at no point whatsoever feeling I was jeopardising my health or recovery. I have benefited significantly from Adam's knowledge and experience [in physiology and sports-injuries], and from a personally tailored rehabilitation program that has greatly improved my overall fitness, strength and flexibility.

I would recommend Adam to anyone seeking to improve his or her quality of life. I have total trust in his abilities and character, and continue to look forward to training with him. He will always push you just that little bit further than you think you can go.

Nigel Manson, Strategic Consultant