AMR Personal Training client base...

We serve a variety of clients from all walks of life. From those just starting out in exercise  all the way to advanced with specific goals. No matter what the training objective, our clientele are committed to our drive & dedication to their health success; a significant number have been with AMR Personal Training for over 10 years with a few since its inception in 1998!...

I am not sure how best to describe the equivalent of a great doctor’s “bedside manner” for a personal trainer, but Adam has this to a tee. In my weekly training sessions with him since 2007, he seems to sense the best variations and combination of drills to suit each moment. It has always been clear to me that underlying Adam’s easy-going style is a wealth of formal “physio” knowledge. Adam delivers his programme of “fitness, body strength and well-being” effectively and enjoyably. I have to thank him for anchoring a decade of well-being and am counting on many more years to come.

Christopher Granville, Managing Director, EMEA and Global Political Research.

I first met Adam around 10 years ago when we were training in London and we achieved great success with my fitness, starting from a very low base - soon I was running miles and feeling like a completely new person with Adams continued support and patience.  We are now back training again, as Adam was the person I felt best to call and after a few months am starting to see a real difference, much healthier, 10 lbs already gone and a whole different mental attitude.  Adam never judges just supports which is really important when often in a busy world one has so little mental space.  Adam even comes to me in Hampton Court so we can squeeze in two hours a week - we take weights, kettle bells, bands and dumbbells - basically, everything to the park. Its wonderful mentally and from a physical point of view, too.  I can highly recommend Adam to anyone but especially those with challenging high level jobs and busy lives.

Viv Clarke, Chief Executive, EAST.

I am a horse rider and I have found training with Adam over many years has given me a great foundation and support for making progress with my riding. When I mention to Adam particular details of the physical demands of equestrian sport, he immediately gets it and tailors the training accordingly. Training sessions are hard work of course, but Adam is such good company that I also find them relaxing and fun. Boxing is my new favourite we have introduced into our training sessions!

Brigitte Granville, Professor of International Economics and Economic Policy in the School of Business and Management at Queen Mary University of London, and Director of the Centre for Globalisation Research.

I have been working with Adam every week over the past three years. He has tremendous experience, so is able to perfectly judge how hard to push me each time, so that I get maximum benefit from each session. He varies things enough so that each session doesn’t feel repetitive, and tailors the session if I am working towards a specific event like the skiing season or a long bike ride. He is super easy to get on with, and we have a nice banter when I am not gulping for air. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

Will Atkinson, Managing Director and Publisher, Atlantic Books.