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GYM or DIY? (from WH Smith Health and Fitness Magazine).   Let’s face it, if you had to choose between working out and going out, the gym wouldn’t get a look in. And if Ally Mc Beal’s on the telly and there’s a pizza in the oven, there’s not much chance of the Tae-bo video…
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Stretching before exercise may do more harm than good.

Most folk appreciate the benefits to warming up prior to the commencement of exercise. The method behind warming up is simple: Your body prepares for the increased demands of physical activity, reducing your risk of injury and complications. Blood flow to your working muscles is increased, which in turn sends vital oxygen to them. In…
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High Intensity Interval Training

Everyone is talking about High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) but what exactly is it and how best is it applied into your training routine? HIIT is a brief period of flat-out exercise done at your maximum intensity then followed by a period of rest. The time for which you apply the high intensity component will…
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Get the balance right.

Get the balance right. (from WH Smith Health magazine). Once you start regular exercise, the key to looking and feeling good is to mix cardiovascular exercise with toning, such as weight training, while increasing flexibility. By far the quickest – and least boring – way to turn your body from a slab of flab into…
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