I first met Adam around 10 years ago when we were training in London and we achieved great success with my fitness, starting from a very low base - soon I was running miles and feeling like a completely new person with Adams continued support and patience.  We are now back training again, as Adam was the person I felt best to call and after a few months am starting to see a real difference, much healthier, 10 lbs already gone and a whole different mental attitude.  Adam never judges just supports which is really important when often in a busy world one has so little mental space.  Adam even comes to me in Hampton Court so we can squeeze in two hours a week - we take weights, kettle bells, bands and dumbbells - basically, everything to the park. Its wonderful mentally and from a physical point of view, too.  I can highly recommend Adam to anyone but especially those with challenging high level jobs and busy lives.

Viv Clarke, Chief Executive, EAST.